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How it works.

Check for your risks factors

We will help you to identify the reasons why you may be at risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Launching Soon.

Get an integrated personalized care plan

We will develop a plan to manage all the risk factors that are unique to you in a manner that is convenient for you.

Launching Soon.

Get paired to a lifestyle and treatment support coach

We will pair you to a coach that will walk you through the journey of managing these risk factors .

Launching Soon.

Get seamless link to high quality care

We will link you to an accredited and trusted team of clinical service providers if you require clinical treatment.

Launching Soon.

Check your progress from anywhere and anytime

We will guide you to use point-of-care devices to monitor the changes in risk factors and we will cheer every step towards a better health. We will provide daily, weekly and monthly feedback to guide you on how to do better.

Launching Soon.

Meet Viedial.

Our Story.

We have lost our loved ones to complications of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. We have also seen too many people in our communities die from similar complications. We are aware that many of these deaths are preventable. We are passionate and committed to stopping these deaths by helping people identify and manage risk factors. This will prevent them from developing cardiovascular diseases, delay disease progression, and avoid complications and deaths. On a more personal note, we are on our own journey to reduce these risk factors and we need you to join us.

Our Vision.

We envision a world where everyone is empowered to kick out hypertension and type 2 diabetes risk factors out of their lives, families, and communities.

Our Mission.

We are on a mission to hold the hands of every individual who is at risk and walk with them through the life-long journey of reversing behavioral and metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease at any time and from anywhere with the support of their loved ones.


We use love and empathy to design mobile and web applications and services that will enable you to identify risk factors, reduce these risks, and monitor your progress from anywhere and at any time.

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We are launching our full services soon. But we cannot wait to get you started. We currently offer a weekly newsletter that provides information and education on hypertension and type 2 diabetes risk factors and how to reduce them by offering free heart-healthy diet plans, exercise tips, stress management tips.

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